October wonder

Yesterday was glorious!  I walked to the library and other destinations around town. I noticed the way the virginia creeper had turned to a burning red, the black walnut was completely done, and the sugar maples were changing to orange.  I hauled wood both to the woodstove and to a neighbors backyard firepit. But best of all, I watched my backyard flock discover the brasicas from spring that I hadn’t bothered to pull up. Watching them all surround the plants and tear off chunks both from the plants and from the leaves I held in my hand was somehow very cathartic.  There is always a pecking order, but in this instance it seems all were in agreement that these plants were THE thing to eat and everyone got their share.  The plants had bolted early so I never really got any produce from them, but I didn’t have plans for the space so I left them be over the summer.  I’m glad they’ve become a tasty snack for my feathered ladies and in turn they will become an Incredible Edible Egg.

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