Week 3

We’re now about half way through with our third week of chick rearing.  The chicks are grow, Grow, GROWING!  I’ve temporarily given them numbers until their sex can be determined.  One, Two, Three and Four, from largest to smallest. 

One and Two are about 4 times larger than they were on Day 1, they also seem to have inherited the frizzle feather gene mutation from their male parent.  I think One is bigger than Two because One is a male and Two is a female.  Three is about 3 times larger, and Four has just barely doubled in size.  Four is really lagging behind the others and has been since about Day 5 or 6, but co (unsexed pronoun to replace he/she) is starting to make up ground lost the first two weeks.   Co is very active and healthy, eating and scratching and running around like cos hatch mates, just not growing as fast.

Check out the comb on One! 95% certain this one is male! Anyone want a half frizzle, half d'uccle cockeral?

Check out the way Two's feathers curl up like someone took a curling iron to them! Most certainly the sire of One and Two was a frizzle.

It's hard not to want the underdog to make it. Everyone at home is rooting for Four to be a female!

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