Week 4

This week isn’t much different than last week I’m afraid 😦  They are all growing, but still very small.  Much smaller than I’m used to.  The biggest two chicks are about the size a standard chick would be at about 2 1/2 weeks, while the smallest two are about the size of a standard chick at about one week of age.

Chick Four has been christened Frida and we are going to assume she is female until otherwise proven incorrect.  This was done as a means to keep the neighborhood kids from calling her Runt.  Runt is a terrible name and the little chick would then be saddled with it for life even if she grows to be bigger than her clutch mates.  She has also grown some and is now only about 80% of Chick Three’s size.

Other names we are thinking of using; Georgia, Poppy, Goldie, Rainbow, Spark, Twinkle, Glint…

Checking out Mama while she dust bathes

Frida is rarely found too far from Mama.  Often she is seen sitting on Ginger’s back!  So far no decent picture of it.

As in all things, they shortly begin to copy Mama.

And then my camera batteries ran out.  This seems to happen to me every time I go out to take pictures, so I finally dug into a drawer and pulled out a second set of rechargeables to have on the charger at all times.

An earlier picture of One and Two to show the differences in their combs:

One is definitely male!

They also have different color patterns.  One is all buff, while Two has some black strips in her wings, beak and comb.  One’s shanks have remained green, while Two’s have lightened up and may eventually be yellow.

Since these chicks are so much smaller than standard chicks I’ve begun to wonder if Ginger will stay with them longer than the four to six weeks most hens stay with their chicks.  I imagine that the chicks will be fully feathered at six weeks just like standard size chickens, so it may be that Ginger will recognize that they no longer need her warmth and return to sleeping with the flock on the roosting bar.  The chicks will probably still sleep in the nest box after Ginger leaves them, but I don’t know for how long. Hopefully not into the winter when it is hard to keep things clean due to the extra coop time (aka poop time).

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