Week 5

This last week was a bit crazy.  The hens laid very few eggs and I almost lost the chicks to a hawk.   The good news is that Ginger is a great mama and has taught the chicks well.  They all hid or played possum while the hawk was perched on the clothes line.  Ginger strutted around calling attention to herself and diverting it from her babies.  It also seems as if she has completed her moult.  She is down to a single tail feather, but the number of feathers being released seems to have stopped so it shouldn’t be long before she starts to look like her old self again.  She is gaining a bit of weight back from the long fast she had on the eggs.

We have completed the naming process (mostly).

Sitting together

Frida is beginning to get wattles and a bigger comb.  My belief is that Frida will become Fritz before too long.  Georgia stands up taller than the others, an inheritance from her Old English mum.

Meet Snack, our cockerel!

And we named the biggest one Snack.  Did I tell you that already?

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