Fritz and The Soft Shell Egg Debacle

Frida has officially been renamed Fritz.

Check out his comb and wattles (which are hard to see due to the color variation):

Fritz perches on Violet’s hand.

For about 8 weeks now I’ve been intermittently getting soft shelled eggs in the litter under the roosting bar.  My ROL, rate of lay, has also dropped lower than expected even after factoring in Ginger’s broodiness and the heat.  The soft shelled eggs have started to become more frequent.  Yesterday I was encourage by the fact that the egg in the litter had a shell, it wasn’t a strong shell, but it wasn’t leathery either.  Today though I found another soft shelled egg. this one was the first that had remained intact.  Previously they had all burst upon hitting the litter and all I would find were the dried up husks.

Dried husk, weak shelled egg, soft shelled egg “sack”

Wednesday’s egg still had the yolk in it:

Very orange from the greens and bugs they get!

I believe it is Egg Drop Syndrome. I’ll keep an eye on things to make sure it isn’t a deficiency in their diet or something more sinister.

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