I woke up late this morning after turning off the alarm.  Late in chicken speak is after dawn.  The chickens were quite upset.  However, when I opened the pop door non came out.  So I shook some seeds out into the run to let them know the door was finally open.  Mama Ginger came out, but no chicks.  I looked everywhere in the lower level of the coop where they sleep and out in the yard incase they came out when I looked away, but nothing.  I began to get worried until I realized I could hear them peeping.  Then it was a matter of finding them.  Finally I opened the upper level of the coop to see why the older girls were in such a fuss instead of going outside.

Left to right; Fritz, Spark, Snack, Georgia and Omelette in the foreground

And I found the chicks huddled around the ladder to the lower level.  They must have gotten board and gone exploring while I slept through dawn and then gotten frightened by being all alone with the older girls.  Plus it is easier to go up a ladder than down one, so they were rather frightened little birds by the time I got to them.

They are getting so independent!  They spend large amounts of time wandering on their own independent of each other and Ginger.  I’m very curious to see when the actual seperation with mama occurs.  What will be the catalyst and will I be able to tell?

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