On Their Own

I’m not sure exactly when it happened.  Maybe gradually over the course of two weeks.  After that first night, the chicks returned to the nest box.  At first Ginger abandoned the chicks to sleep alone.  Then she began to leave them to themselves for greater and greater periods of the day, still returning to them if a distress call was sounded.  Now however they are completely alone.  Day and night.  Fritz and Georgia are still able to fly out of the pen.  It’s only 3 ft high.  I find them in the yard when I return and the last three nights I’ve had to place Georgia into the coop as she can’t find her way to bed on her own it seems.  Spark can’t fly much at all.  Her frizzle feathers are not strong enough.  She is very leery of all things bigger or nastier than her (which is pretty much anything she can’t fit in her mouth).

The saga of Ginger and her bantam babes has come to an end.

Today it’s just The Flock again.

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