Losing Hens is Hard

A few weeks ago my hen, Yellow Foot, got on the nest late in the afternoon and then spent the night there.  This was unusual behavior, but I was only mildly curious as to why she spent the night on the nest.  Unfortunately, the next morning I found that she had died in the early part of the morning.

A few days ago my neighbor had a hen jump into the neighbor’s dog infested yard.  How very sad!

This morning a neighbor’s roving dog killed another of my hens (Spark aka Miss Frizzle).  This is the 4th or 5th time I’ve had one or the other of this particular neighbor’s dogs on my property, harassing my hens.  I’ve been really lucky in the past that either I or a close neighbor has been home to run the dogs off or take them home.  Unfortunately, the neighbor that was home today, wasn’t able to walk due to recent surgery, and the dog scared the hens enough that one of them flew out of the safety of their pen and the dog got it.

The dog owner has agreed to compensate me for the hen.  I find this solution  distasteful; rather like the foul-smelling medicine of my childhood.  There is no other solution though, so I resign myself to accept it.

As a last note, I was unable to eat either hen due to the unknown circumstances of the Yellow Foots demise and the destruction of Spark’s carcass.

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