Georgia Moved Downstairs

Last night after dark I took a flashlight into the coop and moved Georgia into her new ground floor nest box. Actually, it’s an old galvanized washtub, but it’s her nest now. Sunday afternoon I placed the tub under the nest boxes, put a piece of plywood along the wall with a piece of concrete stabilizing it, and surrounded the whole thing with poultry netting (aka chicken wire). Later in the evening I placed a feeder filled with chick starter and a waterer on the plywood shelf.  Then I bent the fencing up along the bottom so that there is enough room for Georgia to go out under the fencing, but not for the big girls to get into the chick stater (which they would gobble up in a minute or two if they could). And I was done.

This morning I went to check on Georgia to make sure she had accepted the move. If she hadn’t I would have found her back in the highest nest where she was yesterday. Luckily she is so deeply into her broody phase that she doesn’t seem to have noticed. I placed a cloth over the washtub to help keep it dark and concealed, which will make her feel secure in her new home for the next few months.

Georgia's new nest

Friendly Girl just can’t help herself. She just has to check out anything I’m doing. When I weed or plant she hangs around and pecks at my belt loops

"What are you doing?"

After I took the pictures I folded the cloth over lil G’s nest down so that she couldn’t see the big girls. She was getting pretty ruffled by them when I had the cloth up.

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