Operation Broody Mama 2011

Success again!

About 8:45 pm Friday night (yesterday) I moved Georgia back downstairs as she would not stay even though I moved her everyday last week. About 10 pm I went back outside with my bantam chicks. I set the flashlight on top of a board with just a little tiny beam of light shining onto the coop floor. I reached under Georgia and removed all the fake eggs and one real one. Then one by one I transferred the chicks from their box into the nest under Georgia, making sure my hand was between lil G’s beak and the chicks. After they were all in the nest I sat back and watched. Georgia didn’t seem to notice them all that much at first. Then after 2 or 3 minutes she began to ruffle her feathers and shimmy back and forth. A few more minutes passed before she began to push the chicks under her body. I watched for about 20 minutes all told and all seemed to be going well. However, it was COLD! Colder than average for our area and so much colder than the brooder I had had the chicks in. I was worried that lil G wouldn’t be able to keep all the chicks warm. Every time I woke up last night my concerned thoughts turned to those chicks. I was afraid that Georgia might move to a higher nest in the morning or that she wasn’t big enough to cover the number of bantam chicks I gave her. I got up around 7 am this morning to check on them, but all I could see was Georgia. However, I could hear peeping so I was still hopeful. I returned to the coop around 1 pm to find this:

Happy family!

I only managed to identify four of the five bantams, but that’s okay. I’m very glad that Georgia is such a good mama.

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