First Meat Bird Flock

My neighbors and I are going to raise 10 meat birds. Since this is our first time raising urban meat birds we picked a low number. It’s also unusually hot here in Mid Missouri, which could lead to losses if we aren’t careful. A small number will allow us to be more aware of each bird.

Since we are just kinda jumping into this, we are going to be raising the easiest to acquire bird, the Cornish Cross. I know, I know, I always have something negative to say about them. I guess I get to find out for myself what it’s like to raise them.

A quick cost analysis gives me this:

A bird will use between 18 and 25 lbs of feed taken from here.  For 10 birds that is between 180 and 250 lbs of feed. However, we won’t be pasturing our birds. We will be using them to till a keyhole garden on my neighbor’s property.

50 lbs of organic chick starter feed is $27.61. Making the cost per pound $0.55

So we’ll roughly have a feed bill between $99.40 and$138.05.

At Bourn, Cornish Cross are $1.75 each. $17.50 for 10 birds.

Feed plus bird costs range between $116.90 and $155.55.

Therefore our rough costs will be between $11.69 and $15.56 per dressed bird, exclusive of the costs of equipment, labor and any waste.

New adventure here I come!

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