June 20, 2011 Update

The chicks are 6 weeks old tomorrow! They are almost as big as Georgia now, but still smaller than my neighbors chicks. It seems that chicks raised by a mama hen spend more time foraging and less time at the feeder than those raised by hand.

Here’s Georgia with her chicks

Georgia has to keep a constant watch out for this serial killer:

Sophie Monster wears a CatBib to deter her hunting

This is a video of her taking the chicks for a romp under the mulberry tree.


The meat birds (aka The Nuggets) are three weeks old tomorrow. The are so much bigger than the  6 week old chicks that it is very disconcerting to me.

My neighbors built this hoop tractor for The Nuggets to live in while they grow to size.

The hope is that after The Nuggets get processed that they will have tilled and fertilized the ground enough for it to be made into a keyhole garden. So far they are only interested in eating the tips off the greens, catching bugs, and eating and drinking from their feeders. I haven’t seen any indication of scratching behavior yet.  Watch a short video of them here.

Lots of greens for these Nuggets!



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