Marans Hatch Day

A day in pictures

Mama sits tight on the nest despite my intrusion

Ginger wants to know what's going on in that nest box over there?

Omelette investigates the activity

Oh Mama!

Mama and babe

That egg looks promising.

"Who me?"



"Hello!" "Hello!" "Hello!"

Three empty shells wait for three more

What a fine day this has turned out to be!!

Update: Two more have hatched! The last egg hasn’t pipped yet.  At this point, I’m not expecting it to. However, it is still viable as we haven’t reached the end of Day 21 yet. So anything can happen.  I may candle it tonight to see if I can tell if it is alive, my guess is that it will be so full of chick that I won’t be able to see into the egg at all.

Day 2:

New ground floor digs

"What's up there?"

"More feathers?"

Number five was taking a nap

Simply beautiful

Moved the chicks out of the nest box into a cardboard box on the floor of the coop. Provided them with food/water while mama waits to see if the last egg will hatch.

Update 2: Removed and candled the last egg and found no movement inside. Within about 4 hrs of removing the egg mama was up and about teaching the chicks how to find food.

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