Where to Get Chicks in 2012

Don’t forget I’m teaching an Urban Hen class March 22 at 6:30pm in room 175 at the Career Center. Sign up here.

Our only local feed store is now taking special orders for chicks, call 573-474-4113!

Bourn Feed is located just east of Patricia’s Food on the access road.  Alternatively you can take 70 and get off at the Lake of the Woods exit and then head west on the access road.  Bourn orders from Cackle Hatchery, so anything you see on Cackle’s website you can order through Bourn.  This benefits you because the minumum for shipping in the spring is 25 chicks (min 5 per breed) and you won’t have to pay large S&H costs.  By ordering through Bourn you can get as few as 1 or as many as 6 different breeds and as little as a single chick!

The list of breeds that Bourn has scheduled to arrive:

(P) is for pullet or all female chicks

(S) is for straight run or both male and female chicks (this is a lottery)

March 20th

  • Aracauna* (P)
  • Buff Orpington (P)
  • Black Australorp (P)
  • Cherry Egger (P)
  • Rhode Island Red (P)
  • Brown Leghorn (P)
  • Barred Rock (P)

March 27th

  • Black Sex Link (P)
  • Production Red (P)
  • Red Sex Link (P)
  • Barred Rock (P)
  • Light Brahma* (P)
  • Black Jersey Giant *(P)
  • Birchin Cochin Bantams *(S)
  • White Crested Black Polish *(S)

April 5th

  • Buff Orpington (P)
  • Golden Laced Wyandotte* (P)
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte* (P)
  • Cuckoo Marans* (P)
  • Speckled Sussex* (S)
  • Turkin Assortment *(S)

April 10th

  • Polish Crested* Assortment *(S)
  • Austra White (P)
  • Aracauna* (P)
  • Splash Rose Bantams *(S)
  • Black Tailed White Japanese Bantams *(S)
  • Mille Fluer D’Uccle Bantams *(S)

April 17th: Ducklings:

  • Rouen
  • Khaki Campbell
  • Ancona
  • Pekin
  • Blue Sweedish
  • Black Swedish
  • Indian Runner
Apr 24th
  • Red Shouldered Yokohamas *(S)
  • Silver Duckwing Phoenix *(S)
  • Buttercup *(S)
  • German Spitzhauben *(S)
  • Polish Assortment *(S)

May 8th: Turkeys:

  • White
  • Bourbon Red
  • Blue Slate
  • Black Spanish
  • Royal Palm
  • Bronze

May 17th

  • Buff Orpington (P)
  • Barred Rock (P)
  • Brown Leghorn (P)
  • Aracauna *(P)

May 30th (Guineas!)

  • Pearl
  • White
  • Lavender
  • Royal purple

Remember this is only a list of what they will have (they are not able to reserve them, its a first come fist serve basis for this list).  If you want something else, please feel free to call (573) 474-4113 and put in an order for one of their arrival dates.

Prices per chick at Bourn are:

(P) are $2.75

(S) are $2.00

*(P) are $2.89

*(S) are $2.50

Meyer Hatchery in Ohio still has a minimum order of 3 chicks! And Back to the Farm in Mexico, MO is open this season. They no longer have Barred Plymouth Rocks, but still have Partridge Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington, New Hampshire Red and Delaware.

Why can chicks go 48 hours without eating? Because right before they hatch they absorb the last of their yolk sack into their abdomens. This allows them to remain safe under their mother while she waits for any late eggs to hatch.

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