3-17-2015 H5N2 Bird flu in Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, and now Arkansas too

I get contacted about sick chickens all the time. I almost always recommend you cull the bird, because it almost always dies while you are pussyfooting around on the internet trying to figure out what is wrong with it. And if what that bird has is contagious you’ve not only put it through needless hours/days of suffering, but you might have contaminated your flock while you were at it. If you do that this year you might just lose your whole flock. You might lose your whole flock anyway; this strain of bird flu is just getting started with the United States and it doesn’t procrastinate.

“The H5N2 flu discovered in Arkansas last week is the state’s first case of a strain that causes massive internal hemorrhaging in poultry, can kill nearly every bird in an infected flock within 48 hours, and is prone to mutate. Such strains are sometimes called “chicken Ebola.”

Link to the full article.

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