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Choosing Chicks

Picking a breed or breeds to include in your flock can be a difficult endeavor, depending on what your requirements are. Some people find it very easy. I do not. I envy those chickens raisers that can go to the … Continue reading

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First Marans Eggs

What a nice gradation of browns I’ve got going from my flock. The Marans are 24 weeks old. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks as they ramp up into full production mode!! Eggs 2 and3 have arrived!  

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Candling My Marans Eggs

Last week on Thursday, Day 10, I candled the Marans eggs with my neighbors. We were able to see veins and the shadows of the embryos in 6 out of 7 of the eggs. The 7th egg was completely clear, … Continue reading

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Marans Eggs

Over the weekend I asked a country friend if she had any fertile eggs I could buy/trade off of her. Her reply was positive, but she also mentioned she had a country friend who had some Marans, Wheaten and Black … Continue reading

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Organic Poultry Feed Comes to Columbia!

Our very own Bourn Feed is now stocking Natures Grown Organics! Bourn also sells Purina Poultry Feed, which is what I’ve been using. I’m not sure if I’ll change or not yet. The organic feed’s selling point for me is … Continue reading

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Counting my eggs before they hatch

Last year I planned out this year’s batch of chicks.  I counted them before they hatched.  I counted them before their eggs were even layed.  Losing one of my two broodies has changed everything.  I have no idea how I’m … Continue reading

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What’s happened to my eggs?

My hens are now about 18 months old.  They are molting.  There are feathers everywhere! Molting is the process by which birds renew their feathers.  Unlike human hair, feathers do not rejuvenate constantly.  Instead each feather must be replaced in its entirety.  As … Continue reading

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