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Fall 2012 Classes

In partnership with the Columbia Career Center I’ll be teaching three classes this fall. This is a great opportunity for you to ask all those pesky questions you haven’t been able to find answers to. I really love teaching these … Continue reading

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Lice Treatment

A few weeks ago, my hen Crooked Toe went broody and then my Orpingtons began to molt. Egg production dropped down to one egg a day for about five days, then it stopped altogether. This last Friday it occurred to … Continue reading

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Summer Water Needs

I just wanted to remind folks that when it’s hot out poultry need LOTS of water. 6 hens can go through as much as a gallon of water in a day. Typically they won’t, but it is possible. My hens … Continue reading

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Polyface Farm; Beyond Organic

  It occurred to me tonight as I posted a link to my Facebook page that I’ve never written about one of my poultry heroes, Joel Salatin. If you have chickens, for any reason, you should know who he is.  Saltin proves you can raise … Continue reading

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What’s happened to my eggs?

My hens are now about 18 months old.  They are molting.  There are feathers everywhere! Molting is the process by which birds renew their feathers.  Unlike human hair, feathers do not rejuvenate constantly.  Instead each feather must be replaced in its entirety.  As … Continue reading

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Dog Attack!

Due to a very wonderful neighbor prying a hen out of a dog ‘s mouth a huge tragedy was averted today.  The chickens are fenced but the fence it not completely dog proof.  Today we discovered how dog proof it … Continue reading

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Fritz and The Soft Shell Egg Debacle

Frida has officially been renamed Fritz. Check out his comb and wattles (which are hard to see due to the color variation): For about 8 weeks now I’ve been intermittently getting soft shelled eggs in the litter under the roosting … Continue reading

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