Dr. Christopher’s Plague Tonic

This tonic will get, you and your chickens, well and help you stay well.  You do not have to refrigerate it – nothing will live in it.   If I had sickly or confined chickens, I would put some in their water every day (remember to use a plastic watering container—not metal).  The pulp can be used as a relish on food – quite tasty! Or feed it to the chickens – they cannot taste hot.

Dr. Christopher’ s Plague Tonic:

  • 1 handful each of onion, garlic (regular, not elephant, which is not a true garlic), ginger, hot peppers and horse radish.
  • Chop coarsely and put into a blender.
  • Add enough Apple Cider Vinegar to cover and process.
  • Blend fairly well.  Does not have to be smooth.
  • Pour in a glass jar. Put wax paper under the lid, so no metal can come into contact with mixture. (plastic lids are now available)
  • After it settles down, there should be about 3/4 inch of vinegar covering the pulp.
  • Sit in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks.
  • Use 2 Tbsp per quart of water for chickens, but not everyday

Dr. Christopher never meant for anyone to make and sell his tonic. He meant for people to make it themselves.  It is very easy to do so and very inexpensive.

For humans:  take 1 – 3 Tbsp per day. If you cannot take that much, start with less and work up to it. The more you take, the more you will build up your hot tolerance. Yes, give to your children and chickens.


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